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Influencer Arrangements

Mauna Loa Helicopter Tours has developed some amazing partnerships over the years with some of the most outrageously talented photographers, videographers and editors on the planet.  To those partners we have worked with before – you know the drill.

Here are our guidelines

Influencers need to have in excess of 150K followers and a clear plan on what you will produce in exchange for a helicopter ride.  We are not interested in stories and a shout out. We are looking for interesting and unique content.  

If your feed is focused on travel experiences, environmental causes or other topics of artistic merit we want to hear from you.  Be honest. if your feed is just you and your face – its not interesting for us. We are sure you are beautiful. 

Up and coming film makers: Your content is more important than your followers. Come to us with a concept. Have a plan and we can talk.  “I’ll get some cool shots” – isn’t a plan 🙂 Treat this like a job interview. 

If you think you have what it takes , check out the contract – fill it in – and give us a shout on instagram or [email protected]






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