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Oahu Pro Photography Flight

Quick Details


Take an Aerial Photo Tour of the Best landmarks on Oahu!

Mauna Loa Helicopter Tours presents the ultimate photo flight for the professional (and seriously good amateur) photographers visiting Oahu. This is a special photo flight — no commentary, just the best music tracks piped through your headset as we cruise from Honolulu airport to famous sites like Sacred Falls via the Pali, Three Peaks, Stairway to Heaven, the Sandbar at Kaneohe, and the iconic Jurassic Valley.

You can also decide where to go — choose your altitude, angle, and location for that perfect shot. You choose between sunrise/daytime or golden hour. This special photo flight has been created for photographers who wish to capture the magnificent O’ahu landscapes.

Book today and we will work with you to help you capture that perfect shot. (See the gallery for examples of photos taken by the pros on our tours.)


  • Guaranteed window seats and your very own private pilot
  • Free VIP pick-up and drop-off to Waikiki and surrounding areas in our air-conditioned courtesy van
  • This is a highly customizable flight for professionals. We work with you to ensure the right light, positions, and obtain permissions to make sure you get what you want.


  • Total weight per seat cannot exceed 295 pounds.
  • Cancellations or delays to the flight are at the pilot’s discretion for safety reasons, which may include inclement weather.
  • 24-hour notice for customer cancellations
  • Only two passengers, no more and no less.