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Safety Commitment


Current COVID-19 Rules 

All individuals, both residents and visitors arriving from out-of-state to Hawaii must participate in a Pre-Travel Testing Program. The program requires passengers five and older to take a Nucleic Acid Amplification Test (NAAT) from a Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) certified laboratory within 72 hours from the final leg of departure and produce a negative result upon landing in Hawaii. Only test results from trusted testing partners approved by the Hawaii Department of health are being accepted.
If you are traveling to Kauai, only inter-island travel is participating in the Pre-Travel Testing Program.
You will be asked to show your negative results at check-in for your tour with our company.
Safety: FIRST

Know Your Tour Aircraft

There are a number of helicopter tour companies in Hawaii  all using different aircraft with different configurations.  Its important you ask yourself or the company you are considering flying with  these questions before committing to your tour:

  1. Do I want to have a private tour or am I prepared to share my helicopter with other people?
  2. Do I want to fly doors on or doors off?
  3. Do I have a guaranteed window seat or will I be happy being allocated a middle seat?
  4. How clean is my aircraft , my headset and the surface areas I will be touching?
  5. What is the safety record of the company?
  6. Will my tour be cancelled if there isn’t sufficient passengers traveling ?
  7. Will my tour take off in adverse weather conditions ?
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Mauna Loa Helicopter Tours only offers private tours.  One pilot and upto 3 passengers – all from the same group or family.  Maximum weight per seat 285lbs and no more than 2 passengers over 200lbs.   

  • Doors on or Off
  • Guaranteed Window Seat
  • Strictly Private Tour

Other Hawaiian Tour Operators

The most common tour aircraft in Hawaii is the H-130 or EC130 made by Airbus.  This is a 7  (sometimes 8) seat helicopter with at least 6 passengers.  There are 3 middle seats on each aircraft  and no option for doors off.   Whilst it is possible to have a private tour it would require you to purchase all 6/7 seats.


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Our Salute to Medical Workers

If you are in the medical profession and have been on the front line for COVID-19 response , please identify yourself when you are making a booking . We have a special gift for you. We thank and salute you.

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